10 Wise Quotes for Anyone in Facility Maintenance…Or Just Anyone.

10 Wise Quotes For Anyone Working in Facility Maintenance It’s funny how time slips through our fingers. Just wrapping your head around the fact that it is 2018 can make you ask yourself, where does the time go and what have I done with that time? As the facilities maintenance industry continues to evolve, Pyramid Window [...]

The 10 Most Historical Office Buildings In San Francisco

Our love (more like an obsession) for commercial buildings and San Francisco Bay Area runs deep at Pyramid Window Cleaning. Many SF landmarks have withstood the test of time despite all the new, hip construction projects of present-day SF. As the old mixes in with the new, we want to give praise to the buildings that [...]

4 Steps To Finding Quality Commercial Tenants

The commercial real estate world of leasing is challenging and competitive, especially in the Bay Area. Finding a great tenant becomes a long-term investment because they’re an asset to your building. Knowing the needs of your tenants is the best way to attract them to your building and seal the deal. But first, there needs to [...]