In a world with internet, a person’s opinion and experience no longer mean anything unless others can know about it…for better or worse.

Cue in Yelp, Zomato, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, etc….

Often these review platforms make or break a business. One negative review can seriously affect an average. And on top of that, the chances of taking down a review are slim to none.

So, what do you do when someone trashes your housing community? Honestly, it depends on the situation. For a process that we know can be overwhelming, here’s a general guideline for dealing with negative reviews.

1. Breathe…deeply.

When a stinker of a review comes in, the best you can do is take a deep breath, evaluate what they’ve said and then go in with patience. Lots of patience. Maybe take a night to gather yourself and your thoughts. Think of reviews you’ve read in the past and see whether this one is coming from out of left field. If this is the first time you’ve received a negative review about the staff, talk to your staff and get a written report of what’s happened. If it’s a repeat scenario, then, you know you’ve got an issue.

2. Consult

Depending on the review, it may be wise to consult a lawyer or someone who can give you legal advice on what to do with a serious accusation. You may want to personally reach out if it is more appropriate or more delicate of a situation.

3. Respond

It’s necessary. Even if their response doesn’t feel valid, even if they’re complaining about something that is completely out of your control. As Nike says, Just Do It. The only instance in which it’s okay for you to not respond is when you have a complaint that doesn’t measure up to the rest of your positive reviews. If it works for you, try to have some scripted responses ready to build off of.

4. What’s The Takeaway?

How did the reviewer affect you and the community? How did you react? Take a step back and evaluate the steps you took to respond. Was it a false review? What measures did you take to remove it? Everyone gets bad reviews, but forming a process for yourself makes it easier in the future to get through each review smoothly.


At Pyramid Window Cleaning, we want the best for our customers! We know that tenant retention and acquisition is a big part that keeps the ball rolling for multi-housing communities.

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