The 10 Most Historical Office Buildings In San Francisco

Our love (more like an obsession) for commercial buildings and San Francisco Bay Area runs deep at Pyramid Window Cleaning. Many SF landmarks have withstood the test of time despite all the new, hip construction projects of present-day SF. As the old mixes in with the new, we want to give praise to the buildings that [...]

4 Steps To Finding Quality Commercial Tenants

The commercial real estate world of leasing is challenging and competitive, especially in the Bay Area. Finding a great tenant becomes a long-term investment because they’re an asset to your building. Knowing the needs of your tenants is the best way to attract them to your building and seal the deal. But first, there needs to [...]

4 Steps For Dealing With Negative Multi-Housing Online Reviews

In a world with internet, a person’s opinion and experience no longer mean anything unless others can know about it…for better or worse. Cue in Yelp, Zomato, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, etc…. Often these review platforms make or break a business. One negative review can seriously affect an average. And on top of that, the [...]

What to Know About SF’s Prop C and Prop D

Let's face it, San Francisco has morphed and the cost of living has increased exponentially. With an upcoming election for San Francisco...Prop C and D are kind of a big deal as they each focus on very important topics: childcare funding and the homelessness/affordable housing issue. Though each Proposition tackles different issues, they are reaching [...]

Does Your Building Need A Name?

If you think of any place in the world where people can connect by saying, “Oh yes, I’ve been there or I’ve always wanted to go,” that place most likely has a name. Disneyland, The Koh Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, The Great Wall of China… And some of the most iconic places in the world [...]

How Amenities Set Your Building Apart

From multi-housing to office building atmosphere... You've gotta admit, the amenities department has stepped up its game. When the competition to retain and gain tenants gets fierce, buildings need to deliver essentials like bathrooms, HVAC systems, and proper ventilation.  But now, it goes beyond convenience. It requires thinking big and using imagination to reach deeper for [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Building Might Be Making You Sick

If you’re developing a close relationship with your tissue box or experiencing headaches, eye irritation, difficulty breathing or concentrating, nausea or dizziness while in your office or residential building, then you might be suffering from Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. What is Sick Building Syndrome? Sick Building Syndrome is defined as “situations in which building occupants [...]

How LEED Certification Can Improve Your Tenant Health and Productivity

If you’re walking around building condensed streets in the Bay Area, you have likely seen the term “LEED Certified” embellished on an entry wall. Whether commercial or residential, this rating system can be found everywhere and anywhere. And that’s great while you’re outside getting some fresh air, enjoying the sunshine (unless you’re in SF and Karl [...]

Improve Tenant Retention in 3 Ways

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When an Earthquake Strikes, Strike Back with a High Rise Safety Plan!

Last week, our safety topic covered earthquakes! So, we want to share what YOU should do if you’re inside of a tall building during and after an earthquake. We all know that an earthquake hits without warning, but familiarizing yourself with these steps can be life-saving, especially in a situation where you may not know how [...]