Here are 10 Ways To Engage With Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants Using Social Media

We're all social beings (mostly)... that's why building a community for your tenants is super important because your overall communication with them improves. Plus, it will set your team on the right path to retaining your tenants and having a better relationship with them! Here are 10 Ways To Engage With Your Commercial Real Estate [...]

6 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Trust us when we say a pressure washer works like magic, but they are also extremely powerful! Here's a list of 6 things you should NEVER EVER pressure wash because it will cause damage that will require either replacing or worse... a trip to the hospital!  1. Any Living Thing  Because a pressure washer is so [...]

How A Window Cleaner Saved 5 Lives on September 11th

We recently had the 17th anniversary of the September 11th Attacks that resulted in the loss of  2,763 lives. It's a day everyone remembers. People can recall exactly what they were doing in the moments that the news unraveled like wildfire across the United States and the rest of the world. There are thousands of stories [...]

4 Benefits of Preserving Historical Buildings

Any historic landmark takes a lot of work to upkeep. Despite being an international destination spot for its beautiful nature and weather, the San Francisco Bay Area also has many historical buildings that play an integral part of the West Coast's story. Even though the Bay Area has evolved so much over the last couple [...]

5 Eco Friendly Buildings of the World

The United States is revolutionizing the business of buildings.  Ideas about construction must become bigger and more innovative to incorporate how the world is impacted by humans. But, it’s not the only country stepping up their game. All over the world, people continue to think big and inspire change. To View the Images, Please Click [...]

Smart Glass Windows: Are They Really Worth It?

Glass is something we barely notice on a day to day basis (unless you’re in the window cleaning industry and are glass freaks like us). However, smart glass is now changing the game for many industries. You can’t help but wonder how the heck glass can be smart, but in this day and age there [...]

The Lawsuit Against SF’s Newly Passed Prop C

In early June 2018, San Francisco held an election for nine propositions. One, in particular, kept many on their toes because it mixed both personal lives with business. Proposition C, the Commercial Rent Tax for Childcare and Early Education passed and will increase the tax those receiving income from commercial spaces (3.785% to 3.8% for most commercial [...]

10 Wise Quotes for Anyone in Facility Maintenance…Or Just Anyone.

10 Wise Quotes For Anyone Working in Facility Maintenance It’s funny how time slips through our fingers. Just wrapping your head around the fact that it is 2018 can make you ask yourself, where does the time go and what have I done with that time? As the facilities maintenance industry continues to evolve, Pyramid Window [...]

The 10 Most Historical Office Buildings In San Francisco

Our love (more like an obsession) for commercial buildings and San Francisco Bay Area runs deep at Pyramid Window Cleaning. Many SF landmarks have withstood the test of time despite all the new, hip construction projects of present-day SF. As the old mixes in with the new, we want to give praise to the buildings that [...]

4 Steps To Finding Quality Commercial Tenants

The commercial real estate world of leasing is challenging and competitive, especially in the Bay Area. Finding a great tenant becomes a long-term investment because they’re an asset to your building. Knowing the needs of your tenants is the best way to attract them to your building and seal the deal. But first, there needs to [...]