Declutter Those Gutters!

Our gutters work by moving water along the roof down to the ground, taking water away from the foundation. It may not seem like a mundane part of a building’s system, ignoring this part of tedious maintenance can mean horrible outcomes for your home and wallet!


With Halloween approaching, there’s really nothing scarier than a termite infestation. Not cleaning out your gutters can result in having termites eating at your building’s foundation like it was candy corn. This is creating an environment for disaster. These little pests love this kind of habitat because it is full of moisture! This kind of moisture softens wood creating a lovely buffet-style dinner for your little guests. What’s worse is that once you notice these little buggers, it can be a good indication that they have been there a lot longer than you think!


Make sure you’re looking for any uneven grooves and do not forget to check out the downspout. Saggy gutters will probably need repairs and might need replacement. Too much weight on the gutters causes them to sag and it may be the reason why your gutters weren’t working properly.  The downspout is important to look into because that could be where it is clogged. A downspout is installed at a low point of your gutter system. It’s made from the same material as your gutter but consists of tubes that connect from the gutter to the ground.


It’s plain and simple. You will have roof damage if you ignore your gutters for too long and especially after heavy rains! Too much solid material mulched up is going to halt the purpose of a gutter. If water starts to overflow, it can start getting too much contact on wood structures and walls. Overflowing water speeds up the wood rotting process which can mean an early retirement for your roof.


As long as the gutters stay neglected, the risk for damages increase. Walkways, driveways, and gardens may end up sitting in pools of water and resulting in huge payments to repair the damages.  There’s also the risk of cracks in the foundation of your home/building as concrete absorbs rainwater. Walls are not meant to have much contact with water. Any foundational issues are no joke. The foundation of your home could even sink! Imagine how much you can save by having a seasonal service done?

We recommend “getting your mind in the gutter” twice a year and at the right seasons: Fall and Spring!

Are you still not ready to put on those gloves?

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