We’re all social beings (mostly)… that’s why building a community for your tenants is super important because your overall communication with them improves. Plus, it will set your team on the right path to retaining your tenants and having a better relationship with them!

Here are 10 Ways To Engage With Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants Using Social Media

First and foremost, be responsive. Communication can’t improve if you aren’t in fact being social. Problems can be solved faster and more efficiently if you’re actively engaging with your tenants!

1. Share company updates!

Maintenance, company events, announcements and other updates that are important are appreciated by your tenants. Aside from leaving flyers everywhere, many times important info can be overlooked! If you feel flyers are a good way to get your message out it doesn’t hurt to also add your social media accounts to your flyers!

2. Host Photo Contests!

This is a great way to keep your tenants engaged and help build your building’s presence online! Create a “like-to-win” campaign or create a hashtag! The best part is that its low cost and your main expense is the prize!

3. Referral rewards!

If a tenant has recently vacated, offer a reward to your current tenants for their referral and landing you a new acquisition!  Again, the prize is up to you!

4. Better yet, announce future vacancies to your current tenants first, because another floor or space might fit their needs better.

‘Nuff said.

5. Use your social media accounts to remind tenants about surveys!

If you’re trying to gather customer service surveys, use your social media as a friendly reminder for them to submit. We all know that feeling when your email gets ignored.

6. Guide Your Tenants Around Town!

Share what’s happening in your city with tenants! They’ll appreciate your recommendations when they don’t know where to go like street festivals or farmer’s market schedules. Share local restaurants that you swear by with your tenants! Better yet, get to know them, their interests, and do the searching for them by posting about it later!

7. Do Your Hashtag Research!

If you have vacancies or want to get on a tenant’s radar, it’s great to know which hashtags will get you the most visibility! Being creative is fun, but you also need to treat your hashtags like keywords! Make sure to add your location too, that way people searching for space in your area have a higher likelihood of finding you.

8. Inquiry Responses!

If more than one tenant is asking you about the same situation, address them personally, but also take advantage of your social media accounts for the future!

9.  You can brag a bit.

It’s okay to show your tenants why they should be proud to be a part of the community! If you’ve won an award, donated, have new perks, or if your team is made up of rockstars and want to give one of them a shout out! Do it! Include your tenants in on the news!

10. Share Videos!

Utilize videos to share amenities, use drones to capture full landscapes videos of your property! Use videos to let your tenants have a platform to introduce their company. Give advice on the community, or explain proper procedures when it comes to your building’s policy. Most people are visual learners. You can grab their attention by giving a short and sweet video about most of the tips we’ve discussed!

At Pyramid Window Cleaning, we’re so excited about finding valuable info for our customers because on top of keeping your building beautiful we want your tenants to be happy too!

If you’re building has seen better days, give us a call at 844-800-1953 or email us at info@pyramid53.com!



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