Where’s the Fire?

On August 4th, 2017, one of the tallest residential buildings caught fire in Dubai for the second time in two years.  Torch Tower stands tall at 84 stories high and holds over 250 apartments. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries. However, Dubai’s government cracked down on paneling policies to include material of higher fire resistance.

So, what about San Francisco high rises? Sure, fires are possible. It also seems like it would be more difficult to control since fire truck ladders can only reach about 6-7 floors. Plus, there’s the evacuation process that can long because of all the traffic coming down the stairs. So, what now? How safe is the modern and only going upward high-rise building in San Francisco?

We like buildings with beauty… and brains!

The good news is that as Bay Area high rises get bigger and “glassier” (Pyramid slang to compare glass buildings), they also have to become smarter with a fire fighting system within the building. For example, the Transamerica Building in San Francisco states on their website that they use Siemens Life Safety System. This intricate technology is meant to contain and prevent high-rise fires from happening. It’s dynamic and adapts to situations unraveling in real time.  Plus, the even better news is that  Bay Area high-rise buildings need some kind of system like the one at the Transamerica Building.

Features include:

  • Detection of early fire and different fire types
  • Detection of any carbon monoxide,  smoke, and heat.
  • Protection against CO poisoning
  • Containment of fire for up to two hours

At Pyramid Window Cleaning, we value higher technology to ensure safety in all aspects of our industry.

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