Move over Los Angeles and San Francisco, California’s capital is finally having its moment in the spotlight.

San Francisco’s booming job market made the city a target for aspiring homeowners. And as we all very well know, the housing market along with the cost of living has now forced so many people out of the Bay Area. But apparently, not all too far away.

Around 87 miles away from San Francisco, lies Sacramento. With 7,000 people relocating there last year, the population has spiked to 500,0000 for the first time. And according to Indeed, Sacramento has been ranked the best city in California and 5th in the entire country for job seekers based on 4 factors:

  1. Favorable job market

  2. Salary/cost of living

  3. Work-life balance score

  4. Job security score

The state capital grew faster than the 10 largest cities in California last year, according to a report released by the California Department of Finance Tuesday. The Sacramento Bee, however, wrote that they are not expecting another housing bubble. Although rent prices have spiked and home costs are higher than they’ve been in 12 years, the rising costs are from the boost in jobs and income.  Many had been led to believe that another economic crash was coming from similar practices that caused the housing crash over a decade ago.

In fact, the same Sacramento Bee report revealed that unemployment had fallen to 3.3 percent in early 2018, the lowest it has been in years.


So, it doesn’t look like the recession is set to rock California just yet. In the meantime, we’ll be scoping out Sacramento and letting the city soak in all of its popular demand.


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