Is a hospital’s exterior maintenance as important as its interior? Yes, here’s why.


We’ve all been put in that vulnerable position when walking towards a hospital. It could be for a check-up, receiving test results, or something much more serious. You may not even be coming in for yourself, but for someone else.

Nevertheless, a wave of emotions is natural when the time comes to finally pay the hospital a visit.

That feeling of vulnerability all comes from having to put trust in a facility that quite literally holds life in its hands. Because a hospital isn’t just a building– it’s a powerhouse that demands a level of care that is essential to its success.

It would be pretty universal to say that if a health care facility shows signs of anything less-than-standard, then any first-time patient or returning client will feel less at ease and less confident that they will be treated with proper care and safety.

Now, imagine yourself going to the hospital for something as simple as a check-up and as you’re approaching the doors, you see greasy stains on windows, the building walls are becoming discolored, and there’s some unknown filth surrounding the pavement. Once you physically see signs of uncleanliness, your trust in the facility diminishes and that lack of trust may trickle down to how you perceive patient care from staff. The last thing someone wants when entering a health facility is to believe they might just leave worse off than when they came in.

The bottom line is that a hospital is a business. And like any other business, there is a need to make the first impression the best impression. This is why it’s important to have patients walking in become returning clients… Although the exterior of a hospital may not seem as important as all the chaos that goes on inside, you definitely don’t want potential clients to be doubtful of their care before they’ve even walked inside.

Trust, Comfort, and Care are three main qualities that people search for in a hospital. A facility manager needs results from their building maintenance vendor to reflect the care medical staff gives patients.

Pyramid Window Cleaning not only understands but implements these qualities into their own work because they know their job goes beyond cleaning. Pyramid’s history was molded by the services they provided hospitals such as Sutter Gold, Alta Bates, and Kaiser.  With 50 years under their belt, hospitals are pretty much the base in which Pyramid stands. Pyramid seeks out hospitals while others just take them on.  As professionals, our work is about the people. That’s why we have ongoing safety training, understand patient confidentiality through HIPPA certification, and the importance of work-site cleanliness.

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