Soda blasting is when you take 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, and/or Fanta ….just kidding!

The soda we’re referring to is actually…drum roll, pleasebaking soda aka sodium bicarbonate/NaHCO3!

This is the kind of soda that has tons of benefits, not only for your body but for buildings, too! We all know that baking soda is a wonderful multi-use cleaning method and it is extremely cost-effective.

NOTE: This is not just regular baking soda–the particles are specifically modified for cleaning. It’s the same as regular baking soda, but the particles are modified for blasting use!

How does soda blasting work?

Soda blasting is a new field of abrasive treatment, although, it is quite mild compared to other abrasive blasting methods. It involves applying highly pressurized particles of bicarbonate and compressed air in controlled amounts to a surface. Since it is gentle, chemical-free, and disintegrates upon use it has been a more popular option for many kinds of facilities.

Bring on the Benefits!

  1. Does not damage surfaces: Because soda disintigrates upon impact, it also won’t produce heat on impact.
  2. NaHCO3 naturally has non-thermal properties: making it okay for explosion proof areas such as refineries.
  3. Less Waste = Less Cost = More Environmentally Friendly! NaHCO3 can be dissolved in fresh water. This feature is actually one of the most important because the waste volume will be less than 5% of the original waste volume. With proper discharging permits, is also more easily discharged into P.O.T.W, making landfill costs and liabilities less of a problem! Working at 1/5 of the cost of sand blasting waste, there are much lower residue costs compared to other blasting methods.
  4. Leaves No Residues: Small passageways can be left without any residue because sodium bicarbonate is water soluble and has no additives. Natrium products soda blast media is 100% pure sodium bicarbonate, additive free and water soluble.
  5. No need to pre-clean: Usually with abrasive blasting, there is a pre-cleaning required when it comes to a project where there is removal of greases, oils, tar, and etc. With soda blasting, there is no need for it because pure sodium bicarbonate blast materials de-coats and reaches the surface.
  6. Inhibits Rust: Rust needs free moisture and have a somewhat acidic condition (usually water combined with CO2) to form. Sodium bicarbonate naturally prevents rust from forming because it buffers the acid. However, sodium bicarbonate must be on a iron-rich surfacw.
  7. Sodium bicarbonate naturally neutralizes odors!
  8. Safety Increase for Workers: The blast media of sodium bicarbonate is not toxic to humans. According to OSHA and EPA, it is not harmful even if it inhaled, ingested, or there is eye or skin contact. The only part that can potentially be unsafe to the worker is the coating material being cleaned off.


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