From multi-housing to office building atmosphere… You’ve gotta admit, the amenities department has stepped up its game.

When the competition to retain and gain tenants gets fierce, buildings need to deliver essentials like bathrooms, HVAC systems, and proper ventilation.

 But now, it goes beyond convenience. It requires thinking big and using imagination to reach deeper for more luxurious ideas.

In the past, tenants chose a living space based mostly on location for that 9-5 lifestyle. The point was to be close to all the buzz, happenings, and convenience of downtown. That is still a big part of the equation when tenants choose to nest somewhere, but now, all that buzz can live inside of the building itself. It’s almost like wanting to make you feel like you’re at an all-inclusive resort.

The most desired multi-housing, office, and mixed-use buildings have evolved into providing a sense of togetherness and community for their tenants.

This tenant-first mindset includes some simple, but essential experiences. Many of these aren’t even considered a luxury anymore, but a necessity to keeping the values of tenants in mind.

  1. Conference meeting spaces
  2. Top notch service where staff must have hospitality experience and warm attitude.
  3. Community staff that preserves the spirit of the building by planning events that are used for promotion on social media. No picture? Then, it didn’t happen :p
  4. Car-charging stations (which will become even more in-demand in future years)
  5. Efficient Security

Why does it matter?

If it matters to your tenants, it should matter to building management. Knowing your tenants is key to retention and advancement. For tenants, the cherry on top of a magnificent sundae is making buildings nice to look at but even more exciting to use!

Here’s a list of some of the most extravagant and exciting amenities that the creme de la creme SF Bay Area office and multi-housing buildings are offering!

  • Gourmet Dining Options
  • Pet Washing Stations
  • Theatre Entertainment
  • Spa Treatment
  • Yoga Rooms and Wellness Centers
  • Rooftop Decks
  • Recreational Outdoor Entertainment such as gardens, ping-pong tables, volleyball, cornhole, or whatever your heart desires.
  • And Much More! At this point, if you can imagine it, it can be designed…

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